3 Things that I enjoy About Being An Otaku

I was talking to some of my coworkers recently, and the topic of me liking anime always seems to come up. After repeatedly explaining that all anime isn’t porn (unless you’re looking for hentai), I went off thinking about everything that I find to be awesome about being an “otaku” as many would put it. Different things appeal to different people, so while they’re off watching shitty reality TV shows, I’m enjoying the latest episodes of my favorite anime series. I could be enjoying the nostalgia of watching old G Gundam episodes. Well….you get the point. Better yet, here are some of my most favorite things about being who I am.

1. I enjoy getting excited over cool things and announcements

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you have most likely seen me post a random assortment of things that I’ve found around the web that I felt had to be seen and shared with our readers. I love logging on to my computer and seeing things like Cowboy Bebop is coming out on Blu-Ray in the US, or things like

2. Anime is timeless to me

I admit that I don’t watch as much anime as I did in my teens, but there are so many memories wrapped in anime series of days long gone. From taping my first episode of Cowboy Bebop by accident, or getting lost in the story of The Vision of Escaflowne (uncensored of course), there is always something good to take away from a good series. I think that I learned that at a pretty young age when I was reintroduced to anime by watching Evangeleon and Blue Seed back in ’99/2000.

3. My life is random…and I like it that way

I love spontaneous awesomeness! Doing things on a whim has lead me to doing awesome things like staffing at Zenkaikon and meeting some great people. I’ve had the experience of sitting in a living room talking to my friends one night and being on a bus to New York the next morning to go to The Nintendo Store and Central Park. Hell…I’ve even seen Puffy Ami Yumi in concert. Good times. Oh and Youtube leads to some great random stuff that I never saw myself liking….like this. You never know where life will take you. Just make sure that you take the right people on the journey with you, and enjoy every second of it.


I listen to really nerdy things and LOVE it.



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