~How to be a Platinum PSN player~

Over the last month I have be doing nothing much else than playing Kingdom Heart 1.5 ReMix. Yes, I have beaten the game at least twice already for good reason though…BRAGGING RIGHTS!
See the thing is I love KH and I want the platinum trophy to say “Hey,I love this game THAT MUCH”. In the time that I have been playing I have come up with a list of things I think it takes to be a “Platinum PSN player”.

First and foremost you have to be dedicated to the task of playing whatever game you pick. If you start this quest you pretty much MUST play this game from back to front. This is where it starts, This is when you as a person decide that you WILL BE driven mad by playing this game so much. You the player will possibly be doing very tedious collecting for hours on in…and this must be alright with you.

This goes hand in hand with your dedication. Once you set off on the road to Platinum you have to have this virtue, It can be the making or breaking point for most. An Item with an appearance rate of 0.5% is frustrating but you must stick with it if you want the sweet taste of that Platinum.

3-Know when you are beaten

I know what you must be thinking “But,Ranz…Didnt you say we must hold fast in our convictions in order to get the grand prize?!” Yes, thats true, But you must know when a challenge must be taken up at another time. Sometime you may be sleepy and judgement times may be alittle off for you. Thats when you need to call it quits, go to bed and wake up ready for action the next time you go for it. There may be times that you get really frustrated (i know it happens to me all the time), another good example of when to call it and come back.

Overall the road to a Platinum trophy is a Loooooooong and sometime hard one. With major perseverance and alot of time of your hands, you the player should come out sipping from that fictional platinum cup of glory.
Good luck my friends!

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