Beck – Japanese Movie Review: From the pages of manga straight to your ears

Following my previous movie review of Solanin, this week I will be reviewing the Beck movie. I have reviewed the Beck anime in the past, so getting a chance to review the movie was really exciting.

Beck Trailer

The Plot

Beck is a story about a group of fiends in a band that all aspire to make it big with their music. They are from different walks of life, but all know how to really kill it on stage. The main character, Koyuki, is one of the vocalists of the group and one of the less experienced members of the band. This is quickly forgotten in how he compliments the group. I won’t go into much detail of how, but let’s face it…this is Koyuki’s story for the most part. This is seen in his character progression goes from a kid being bullied in school, to a member of Beck.

The group is dedicated to being the best and it really is the driving point in this movie. Lead by Ryosuke, the group records and plays gigs at local clubs. All of this results in them gaining a following and eventually more publicity. The thing that is really appealing about this band is the chemistry that they share. They are more than simply being band mates; they really are a group of friends.

The Music

Do you like rock? Are you a fan of Japanese music? If you answered yes, then Beck may be right up your alley. Beck delivers an amazing soundtrack with a variety of different songs that give life to an already vibrant movie. If you ever checked out the anime, the movie may disappoint as it does not feature the same music from the series. This is overshadowed by the originality of the new songs. The music of the Beck movie is definitely one of the selling points when watching it.

Final Verdict

Beck is a fun movie. It has comedy, a good plot, and great music. The thing that appealed to me the most is that the story only contained minor differences from the story in the anime. The music may have been different, but it still delivered a solid array of songs to listen to.

Spoiler Alert!

This is probably one of my favorite songs from the movie.

Beck – Evolution

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