~Gauntlet: Seven sorry bosses~

…At least I think there were seven of them,Ill never know because I will not be returning to this heaping pile of  a game. Gauntlet: The seven sorrows is a prime example of where NOT to go with a franchise. Lets take it back alittle; Back in the N64/PsX days Gauntlet Legends was one of your go-to mulitplayer games. It was challenging with everything going on at once, enemies coming from all sides, and occasionally Death himself would appear for some “Fun to die for”. A good couple classes to chose from and everone’s favorite,PALETESWAPS! Gauntlet legends was a pretty decent balance of what made a hack an slash as well as mulitplayer games good.

Fast forward to the next console generation afterwards (ps2 in this review), and you have the sequel that we gamers waited for with baited breath. I was extremely let down when I finally got my hands on this game, However Midway (R.I.P.) did do some cool things at first glance. Online multiplayer was added which at the time was the hot thing to have in a game, and gave you a bad but tangible main story objective.

Thats all cool, but this games ISNT FUN. right away for the time that the game did come out the graphical presentation was awful. They did have swarms of enemies, but no clear direction on what to do or where to go. Combat was very…Lackluster. Seven Sorrows tried to add a combo system to your moveset,but no matter what I did it never seemed like any of the skills had any better effect than tapping X. Sure some had shields and blocked but that was nothing your seemingly infinite magic/projectiles couldn’t fix. The supposed best part of the game, the part where you play with friends, isnt satisfying at all.

Overall this game was a complete waste of my time, and I hope whoever has the license to this series now(which I hear is getting a reboot,yay) does the original games justice.

Gauntlet: seven sorrows


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