~Hes one angry nerd~

If theres one thing I like its video game reviews shows. One of the first that I even paid attention to was the show “Judgement day” on the now defunct G4tv. After it became G4Tech tv,I started watching “X-play” because it was entertaining and gave a (SORTA) fair review. After G4 decided to become less about games(and totally became spike tv for whatever reason) I quickly stopped watching and turned to the internet for gaming news and reviews.

I follow a good handful of channels, but the one in particular that Im talking about today is the home of AVGN(The Angry Video Game Nerd),Cinemassacre. Pretty much James Rolfe,who is the personification of AVGN, reviews “shitty” games from the earlier eras such as the nintendo,Snes,sega,Atari,and so on in a generally hilarious and angry fashion.With a really catchy theme song to go with it!

What brings me to write this about AVGN is not the fact that I’m a fan,but the fact that he didnt even know that this would take off like it did. James was just having fun and the fame just came to him as people gathered. What I understand from his out of character videos is that He just likes making videos and loves cinematography in general,AVGN has been there to help him get to where he wants to be.

Honestly I admire James Rolfe and his craft. I would like to have the same success as he does in whatever endeavor that I undertake.
check out some of his work over on his channel:




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