~Im not dead…are you?~

The Mayans OBVIOUSLY wanted to troll the hell out of us,and here we are at the start of a new year…
Or at least 6 days into the new year that is. Last year we had so much hoopla about “the end of the world as we know it”. two different days we were supposed to perish or whatever was  supposed to happen to us(we wont go into the religious detail of it XD ). I think that the rock that the Mayans were writing on just ran out of space and they just were like “*shrug* whatever,We think the new world will have the knowledge to know whats up”. Yeah,so how wrong were they if that was the case? In May(10th i think???) is when we were supposed to first go up in smoke,Dec 21 being the next prediction on the list
either way i cant even take something like that seriously,main reason being is that it IS a different date all around the world. This being the way it is which countries’ date would be the correct date? The US? Asia? Australia? and then lets not even factor in the time zones in each country as well. Remember how we were gonna “explode” back in 2000 because of Y2K? i believe the new year hit somewhere before it got to the USA right? Im just saying that we shouldn’t get so wrapped up in a “prediction” unless it comes from a reputable source…Like if a meteor the size of a small planet was supposed to crash into lets say HALF THE EARTH. Right there seems reason to panic abit.
Anyways Happy and a very productive new years to you all!
Oh and speaking of the new years,the Chinese new year is coming up soon. Right now is the year of the Dragon,next up is Snake for those who didnt know 😀



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