Introducting the Otaku Janai Ne Crew for Grand Theft Auto V

All of you know that one of the biggest games of the year, GTAV is coming out on the 17th.  Its online portion of the game, however, comes out on October 1st.  Existing crews and new crews are putting their members together in preparation of online mayhem.  So I decided to put together an OJN crew for multiplayer.  You will need to make an account for, verify your email and request an invite to join the crew.  This invitation is open to OJN bloggers and fans alike.  Whether you purchase the game by October 1st or plan on getting it later on, you can join the social club.  I will be playing on the Playstation 3.  Any questions you may have, ask below or hit me up on the Rockstar website.  Looking forward to some GTA V craziness.
Ms. Montenegro


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