Loading Bug Makes Watch Dogs Unplayable

loading screen

Many Watch Dogs players have been hit with the loading bug that prohibits you from continuing your save game.  It will load to about 90% after you press continue on the main menu and just stay on that screen indefinitely.  The watch dogs logo and the tips below the loading bar will still continue to move, however.   Unfortunately for me, I am one of the players that have been affected by this bug and I have been experiencing it for a week now.  This loading bug has affected players on all platforms and from different parts of the world.  The forum for this issue is now at 261 pages with upset players and no solution.  People think it is because of Uplay and redeeming awards but there is no specific reason for the loading bug just yet.

uplay rewards

Ubisoft sent a tweet telling gamers to submit a ticket for them to move this issue forward.  So I did just that and they responded the day after asking for a zip file of my save.  So I submitted that and then a few days later, I get that there is no way they can help me but they submitted my information to the developers.  They don’t know any information about patches and such unless ubisoft themselves submit it because they are just technical support.  But then told me they hope that I am enjoying the game otherwise.  Unfortunately I can’t play the game.   A few of you may think that I should restart the game, after reading the forums, gamers have done that and still ended up getting the loading bug again.   I have not much of a choice but to wait and that freaking sucks.  I put 30 plus hours into it before the bug.

loading screen of the year

This game has so much promise and was definitely one of the most anticipated games of the year.  Hopefully Ubisoft figures out what the issue is so everyone affected can play.  If you or anyone else have experienced this bug, please comment below and let me know what you have done in relation to it.

Ms. Montenegro

(Pictures are from the Ubisoft forum)