~Miyazaki helped me see the “Winds” of change~

So I FINALLY watched two Miyazaki films for the first time(surprising,I know). They are “ponyo” and “The wind rises” the later i’ll be sharing my thoughts on. “The Wind Rises” was the first ever Miyazaki movie I laid my eyes upon, and let me tell you I have never sat so still for two hours watching a movie! It was beyond amazing.

The Movie itself was a fictionalized biography of Horikoshi Jiro, The man who I believe designed the Zero fighter. We see this film start with Jiro as a boy and then a young man where fantasy and reality are mixed in his innocent dreams. He soars through the air and is guided by conversations with his hero, Italian designer Caproni.

Despite the frequent flights into fantasy, The Wind Rises is a film very much bound in reality. All I had ever seen in previews of other Miyazaki films were mass fantasy elements so I naturally came to expect that. So while I watched this particular movie it was alittle Off-beat,But very welcome because of the way it was told.

In my earnest opinion this is one of those kind of movies that will make you think about life and what makes you happy. Its an honest-to-goodness excellent watch,and as my first Miyazaki film I am very happy to have seen it.

Honestly,I would gladly go back and see all of what I have been missing all these years due to this movie and Personally I cannot wait to get my hands on a blu-ray copy and watch it at home!

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