Montenegro’s Top 20 of Last Generation Gaming

As the new current generation becomes the dominant consoles of gaming,  I felt its though it was important to reflect on last generation gaming and my top 20.  I know there are still games coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 but I just wanted to let you guys know what games solidified gaming for me, games that I have put many hours in and have no problem popping in that disc and playing again.


20.  Saint’s Row IV – The series that was known as the parody of Grand Theft Auto has become its own series.  Saint’s Row IV makes you the President of the United States and you get captured along with your team to face Zinyak and his minions in a Virtual Reality version of Steelport.  Hilarious voice acting by people such as Troy Baker, Nolan North, Terry Crews, Keith David, Rowdy Piper, Rob Van Dam, etc.  This game has to be one of the most hilarious game I have played and I truly enjoyed it.  Looking forward to the next installment to the series.

mass effect

19.  Mass Effect – The beginning of a truly amazing game series, Mass Effect allows you to be Commander Shepard in charge of the Normandy as you try to prove to the council of all the species that an important Spectre has gone rogue and there is a great threat that will affect all living organisms.  Decisions affect every aspect of your playthrough as well as the future installments of this game.  Will you be a paragon, a good guy, a person who cares for others and still get the job done.  Or will you be a renegade, as long as the job gets done, who gives a crap who dies, talk to people however you want, kick ass and take names.  Play the game how you want and see how things play out.


18. Dead Space – This game had many moments that scared the living hell out of me.  You play as Issac Clarke as you figure out what is the alien invasion that is trying to wipe out humans.  Its dark, gloomy, has random scary sounds and will keep you paranoid the entire time.  The deaths in this game are crazy, I have been beheaded, sucked out of airlocks, ripped limb by limb, devoured, squeezed till my head exploded, completely smashed to death.  The game has a good storyline and that’s what kept me playing this scary ass game.  The later installments are good as well.

mario kart wii

17.  Mario Kart Wii – Who doesn’t like Mario Kart? This is one of those multiplayer games that you can play for hours and hours and not get tired of it.  Throwing banana peels and oil slicks, shooting rockets at your future ex best friend is what made this game fun.  Then you had rainbow road, I remember racing for the first time on that and I couldn’t stay on the road for the life of me.  One of the best games in the Nintendo family and they should never not make Mario Kart.


16. Super Smash Bros. Brawl –  Since the Nintendo 64, Super Smash Bros one of those games that you must have, must play against your friends and when you win, rub in everybody’s face.  The best of the best Nintendo characters in one game that anyone at any again can enjoy is just genius.


15. Assassins’s Creed II – In my opinion, this is the best game in the Assassin’s Creed series.  You play as Desmond Miles who through the Animus lives the life of Ezio Auditore de Firenze, an Assassin during the 15th and 16th century Italy.  Ezio is trying to avenge the death of is father and brothers who were betrayed and hanged for crimes that did not commit.  You play through the beginning of Ezio’s life as an Assassin and see how he grows and become one with his skills and the Assassin Order.  This game was the shinning light for the future of this series.


14.  Batman Arkham City – The Batman series is the best superhero gaming series to date.  Arkham City’s open world environment was definitely a fresh air from the Arkham Asylum game which had many closed areas.  As well as playing as Batman, you get to play as Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing.  This game posed more of a challenge compared to Asylum and it’s definitely worth playing.


13. Fallout 3 – You play as a Vault dweller walking around in the Capitol Wasteland (DC area) trying to figure out what happened to your father as well as complete his mission in his place.  This open world RPG uses a reputation system as your actions will affect how people treat you.  Certain people will embrace you will others will detest you.  This game was my first Fallout game and I immediately loved it.  Loved that I can make whatever decision I want, go in whatever direction I want and it has a high replay value.


12.  Halo Reach – The prologue of the Halo series, you play as Noble six as you and the rest of the Noble team fight against the Covenant.  What I loved about this game is that I got to play as my own Spartan, this does not take away how much I enjoy playing as Master Chief but having my own Spartan definitely kicked ass in my opinion.  The ending of the game got me when my Spartan dropped her helmet and fought her way through the Covenant forces and eventually was killed in action.  Multiplayer was also fun, Draco and I had many lone wolf matches against one another.

super mario galaxy

11. Super Mario Galaxy – I absolutely loved this game on the Wii.  I do appreciate what Mario has done for me in gaming as a child but I don’t play many games involving Mario now because alot of them seem redundant.  This game gave new life to Mario in my opinion.


10. Mass Effect 3 – Time to take back Earth.  Commander Shepard and the crew members of the Normandy face a huge battle against the Reapers as the Reapers shred every bit of organic life.  Its important more than ever to find as many war assets as you can and maintain loyalty as you try to retake earth before it is destroyed.  It is an awesome game and it sucks to know that it was the end of Commander Shepard.  Why this game isn’t higher on the list is because of the ending.  I don’t know what Bioware was thinking but you make so many decisions in the series, good and bad, some decisions save or kill people.  The ending did not live up to expectations and left a hole in Mass Effect fans.


9. Gears of War 3 – My husband and I played each Gears of War game together.  He always played as Marcus Fenix and I played as Dominic Santiago.  Fenix and Dom’s brotherhood was so strong and it was no different in this game.  The game had many intense moments as the members of Delta squad as it defeats Queen Myrrah and completely wipe out the Locust, Lambent and the Imulsion.  Love this series.

uncharted 2 among thieves

8. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – This game made me fall in love with the Uncharted series and I believe this is the best Playstation exclusive series to date.  Also Uncharted 2 made me a huge fan of Nolan North as a voice actor as he plays Nathan Drake.  The story for why Nathan is looking for specific artifacts and his relationships with other characters are great.  If you are a Playstation owner and haven’t played the Uncharted series, whats wrong with you, you are definitely missing out.


7. Halo 4 – Master Chief is back.  This is the first game in the next trilogy for Halo.  You see the dynamic relationship between Master Chief and Cortana as they take on the Covenent and a new threat, the Forerunners.  A major sacrifice has been made that changes that game for Master Chief and leaves gamers hanging off a cliff waiting for the next Halo game.


6. Bioshock Infinite – This is such a beautiful game and the best in the Bioshock series.  This game is set prior to the first Bioshock and it gives you more of an open world, bright sky and a better flow of game play than the two previous Bioshock games.  You play as Booker DeWitt as you try to save a girl named Elizabeth.  There are many turns in this game and the ending provides you with a conclusion that will blow you away.


5. The Walking Dead:  A Telltale Series – Most games rely on voice acting to help give it the push it needs to make it great.  The Walking Dead voice acting makes this game absolutely amazing.  The relationship between Lee and Clementine is absolutely amazing in the first season, and you witness how much of an impact it had on Clementine as she survives in season 2.  Choices you make affect gameplay so having a second playthrough is an absolute must.  Love this series, cant wait to more episodes.


4. Fallout New Vegas – Post Apocalyptic Las Vegas, you play as Courier Six who was delivering an important package and almost met their doom with a bullet to the head.  You survive and complete missions to find out what package you were carrying, who shot you and why was the package so damn important.  You can gamble at the casinos and get banned if you win way too much.  Different endings leave room for many gameplays.  My favorite game by far.


3. Grand Theft Auto V – Waiting five years for Rockstar’s latest installment was well worth the wait.  Three protagonist with three different personalities who all work together to complete missions, heist and revenge makes this game a winner in my opinion.  Grand Theft Auto Online has it hiccups but still has alot of potential for get online gaming.  If you still aren’t sure about the game, look at the sales and the awards this game has won and know this is one of the games you should have in your collection.

mass effect 2

2.  Mass Effect 2 – This game is the breakthrough of the series.  Expanding the possibilities of paragon and renegade decisions as well as adding loyalty missions to your crew mates.  Commander Shepard is working with the enemy after almost dying in the destruction of the first Normandy.  Cerberus puts Shepard back together for the fight against the Collectors, a group of enemies that take control of living organisms and turn them into mindless husks for the greater fight of the Reapers.  The last mission, decisions that you made in the game can cause the death of your crew members which have a lasting effect in the ending and Mass Effect 3.  This game holds a lot of weight in the series and that’s why it’s the highest Mass Effect game on my list.


1.  The Last of Us – This game is a must play for any kind of gamer, from the hardcore to the once in a blue moon gamer.  Naughty Dog hit it out the park with TLOU.  I felt like I was playing a movie where paranoia was the primary emotion which conflicts with your primary objective, survival.  I cannot tell you how many times I cursed out a clicker for killing me.  This game is an adrenaline rush and I couldn’t find anything I dislike about the game, even the clickers, they suck but they were perfect for the game.

Do you have a list of games that you absolutely loved from last gen?  Give me your list in the comments below.  Thanks for reading.

Ms. Montenegro

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