~Nintendo’s “Brawl” that started them all~

E3 has come and gone but Nintendo has left me with sadness about the upcoming smash bros for the 3ds,as it has been delayed.
As that was clicking in over the last couple days I’ve been thinking about the original entry in the series “Super smash bros 64”,and how good that was when it first came stateside. It was nothing but fun for years until Melee hit the shelves!

Super Smash Bros 64 (SSB64 from here on out) started out as a low-budget title for a Japan-only release. The game received very little promotion, as Nintendo was not expecting to game to do very well. After Selling at least 2million copies Nintendo and Hal labs(the guys behind most of the kirby games) decided to bring it over to us and see what happens. Of course we went head over heels and outsold the Japan release,I believe that can be attributed to most fans of the series being around 8-15 years old at the time.What little kid could resist to beat up on some of their favorite Nintendo characters?

SSB64 is generally considered to be the game that defines the Party fighter genre. Games such as Playstaion All-stars would be in that same class of games,and with the the game being extremely simple control-wise beginners to the fighter platform could pick up and go as they pleased. I believe that it made the curve between a good player and a great player none too steep. Items and stage hazards were always around to spice up the party.Sometimes it was a pokemon that appeared for a short time or maybe the stage would fill with acid/lava for the players to avoid. These random factors made playing with your friends great, there was and always will be may different styles of play with all the different characters.

While far from being the greatest game ever or even the greatest game released for the Nintendo 64, is a good game in its own right. After taking it out for a round or two, you’ll understand why this game has an incredibly successful series. The refreshing gameplay, the unique features that can’t be found in other fighters, and being able to fight with your favorite Nintendo characters make SSB64  a must-play.This game will forever be a classic that every Nintendo 64 owner should have as part of their library.


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