OJN Discussion: Best Games on the Current Generation Consoles

Welcome to the first OJN discussion collaboration


So guys first question, what game surprised you this generation?



Draco – I think one game that really surprised me was Dynasty Warriors 7. I’m a big fan of the series and to see it still continue to stay fresh and relevant is a big deal to me as a long time follower. I personally loved all of the features in that game. Not only that, but the cinematics were breathtaking. It really gave the player a strong sense of “Oh…I’m a part of the story this time around.” It really brought the Romance of The Three Kingdoms books to life. Yes…I am a nerd like that lol.

Yours Truly –  The game that surprised me the most was most was no other than Final Fantasy 13. Seriously, I didn’t know what to expect from that game, and honestly when I was first playing the game, it didn’t strike me as much. However, once the story line really started to build up on itself, and the seemly 2D characters started to build really deep and meaningful relationships with one another it had me hooked. Not to mention the graphics on that game, like holy crap it’s amazing. But the major thing that made that game so unforgettable to me is how the plot played out, and the deeper meaning you can gain from it in life. Lightning, the main character really shows that you have to push on no matter what. And even when the whole world is against you, you have friends and allies with you to help. That and the character development was the best I ever seen and even made me jerk a tear or two at the end. That was a damn good game…  


-Ranzignus – I’m gonna have to give my vote this time to Kingdom Hearts 3D or “Dream Drop Distance”. For a portable game it really did live up to what kingdom Hearts is known for, and that’s ACTION! At first I’m like this is just another filler title,but no it expanded on the story while using the newer action battle system AND I got to play as Riku! That right there kinda sold the game to me..Hopefully its just a taste of what to expect in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Lokita –  The biggest surprise to me was The Walking Dead from Telltale Games.  The 20 dollar game I just so happen to buy from the Playstation Store definitely had me at the edge of my seat.  I thought that it was going to be all about zombies but I was definitely wrong.  The story line is amazing, the comic book graphics just fit so perfect.  The decisions you make affect every aspect of the game; you determine who lives and who dies, who gets to eat and how you put people out of their misery.  What got to me is how strangers can be so close as long as you remain honest and the sacrifices they each make in order to survive or to help someone else survive.  Lee and Clementine’s relationship is one of the best in gaming.


Out of all the series of games that debuted and continued along the many years of this generation, which one is your favorite?  


L – There are so many to choose from but in my gamer heart, I have to go with the Mass Effect series.  I remember the first thing someone told me about this game is “You can have sex with aliens” which actually took interest away from the game for me.  When I finally got my hands on the series, I automatically became Commander Shepard and it was my job to unite all the species in outer space and kick some Reaper ass.  Throughout the series, you see the struggles that Shepard goes through to prove that the Reapers are real, that Shepard is deserves to be Spectre, convince all the species to fight together and that Shepard simply is a badass.  The relationships you have with each member of your group, whether it’s friendship, romantically or just to get a mission done is extremely detailed and has a huge affect on you.  When I lost a team member in Mass Effect 3 because of the choices I made in the previous games, I was devastated.  I thought I was helping them out, when they ultimately decided to take their own life (Tali’Zorah Vas Normandy).  The end game, I decided to sacrifice Commander Shepard for the good of everyone, as much as it sucked to finish the game, I was satisfied with the series (special thanks to The Citadel DLC).  Good job Bioware.


battlefield 3D – Wow. This is a tough question. There was so many amazing game series that were present in this current gen. I think that one series that comes close to being a favorite of mine is actually one that I just got into about a year or so ago. None other than Battlefield. I really enjoyed the story in Battlefield 3. I loved the approach that they used to tell that story. It took you from being a soldier in an interrogation, to taking the ride of your life. I didn’t expect much from a shooter at first. I really only expected to point and shoot. Well, I was wrong. There was a lot of pointing and shooting, but it had a purpose. I really got into all of the missions that the player goes through during the game. Dima is a friggin beast too!


YT – Well honestly, in this current gen I haven’t played as nearly as many games as the previous gen so I had to really think about this. However when I thought of this series, it was perfect, which so happens to be, *drum roll* The Sims! Oh my god, I can never get enough of this game and it grew into such a huge series with a bigger fanbase! When The Sims came out for the first time ever I really wanted to play it, but at the time I didn’t have a computer. When it came over onto the Playstation 2 I was hooked. Me and my older sister couldn’t get enough of it. Since then I only seen it grew and get better. Currently out, The Sims 3, is by far my favorite. It takes everything you love about The Sims and expands on it on a deep level. There is so much to do, I can’t say I dug that deep into the game yet after my many hours of playing. But from the careers, relationship building and child raising everything has this special touch to it. My favorite feature of all however is the small stuff, like collecting random crap like rocks, bugs, fish and the like. Then at certain times or whenever, you can find rare collectibles to sell or donate to science or whatever. It’s quite good, in fact I was thinking about going back to it after the long time of not playing it haha. But yeah, with The Sims 4 on it’s way next year I’m really excited where The Sims team is going to take this series and what else will be expanded and refined.


R – Lokita is right there is plenty to chose from however my award for the generation goes to the Sonic series as a whole. Now before you all throw stones…Yes I know Sonic ’06 was mega ass-tacular, but since then sonic has been doing his thing big time! Sonic unleashed was one big step in the right direction, and sonic colors took it further. Sonic generations made the touchdown and the next sonic game is gonna make that field goal. I’ll even go as far to say that the sonic all-stars racing game was up there with Mario kart 6 and 7 this year. Sega just keeps taking the things that are good from each game and building on them, hopefully this trend continues and sonic can claim all of his former glory.


So out of everything that’s been going on in the last month after E3 do you guys think Nintendo has a chance in the next gen console war?


R – Why yes, Nintendo has a chance to pull out AT LEAST in second place this time around.The have a decent price point,some pretty sweet exclusives, and they aren’t all DRM with it like Xbox started out with. They’re going to be way behind in terms of what Sony and the PS4 are trying to dish out, but I know the 3DS is going to crush the Vita if its not already doing so.


L – I am not the biggest Nintendo gamer out there, but I do believe there is hope for the Wii U.  Will it beat out Sony?  Hell to the no.  Will it beat out Microsoft?  Microsoft beat the crap out of Microsoft so yes I think Nintendo might have a slim chance.  Xbox One has done a 180 though and that shot up its pre-orders so Nintendo will have a serious battle on its hands.  Nintendo needs more than Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart to push it forward or it will definitely be in last place. As for the 3DS, I am pretty sure it is owning in sales compared to the Vita but I personally enjoy the Vita a lot more. But the 3DS is not part of the console war so it really doesn’t matter.


D – In the words of Vince McMahon’s old intro, “You got no chance”. I think that the WiiU is a late jump into the current gen. WiiU….more like Wii part 2. I hate to bash but that is all it is to me; a Wii with a few extra bells and whistles. I think that Nintendo does a great job with innovation, but this gimmick is over. Motion control is on every console now (coughKINECTandPSMOVEcough). My personal opinion is that they can stay relevant, but winning in the next gen console war is a long shot. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another late jump into what will then be “current gen” as well. I do however like how Nintendo dominates the handheld market. They remain a strong part of that market despite the increasing competition of iOS, android, and other platforms. Nintendo has what it takes. They just need to capitalize in a big way like they did in 2006 with the Wii.


xboxonememeYT – Well I don’t have much of an opinion honestly because I haven’t been all up in E3’s ass like that, and I’m also not a Nintendo gamer. I only have the Gamecube and the first generation DS so yeah, you get the point. But as far as what I can see, I don’t think that WiiU have much of a chance. Due to the fact that Microsoft and Sony are in extreme legends competition right now. But things can definitely change so who knows. I honestly want to see Nintendo beat Xbox because all that T.V and “
spworts” talk wasn’t all that appealing. I think that Microsoft is trying to sell us cable and all this extra stuff than an actual console. Then they are being hard asses but I heard they made an “180” so yeah, not sure what’s in store for them both. As long as Sony does their thing I’m happy lol.  


In your opinion, what is the best game of this generation?
YT – Well, again I haven’t played a lot of games from this generation compared to years past but there is one game that I would suggest people to play, which is Final Fantasy 13. No surprise there lol. This is a personal choice since FF-13 is probably my second most favorite game of all time but not being mega bias it’s a really solid game. The story line on it’s own is something I can play through again and again, which I have. The fact that the story seems so typical and bland, then turns into this wide web of awesomeness based on the character’s roles and their choice of action is something everyone should experience. By far they should turn FF-13 into a novel, movie or something more because I would buy the hell out of it. That and it’s just that good, and it’s really hard to experience anything close to that caliber when it comes to character development and plot these days, seriously. So yeah, I think it’s one of the best for this generation if NOT the best itself *coughbiascough*.  


L – For those who don’t know, I love open world games which goes hand in hand with RPGs.  My absolute favorite game is Fallout New Vegas.  Post apocalyptic world, eating 200 year old food and trying to figure out who is the bastard that tried to kill you. You are Courier 6 and you had to deliver an important package but was rudely interrupted by a bullet driven in your skull. Believed to be dead, you have to figure out, who shot you, why they shot you and what in the hell you were sent to deliver. You can customize your character by race, age, gender, hair and skin color.  I love the fact that I can be a goody two shoes or a complete ass to whoever I want and go in any direction I choose.  Using bottle caps to purchase items, managing my weapons, and killing mutated creatures is just the way to go.  Walking throughout the Navajo Wasteland, you can gamble, drink and sleep with prostitutes….yes prostitutes (one is a robot).  But at the end of the day, you get to decided who controls the Hoover Dam, that is where ultimate battle is.  I played this game four times by the way.  Also I collect replicas so yeah it is that serious.  I love this freaking game.


R – I have gone back and beaten this game again, and again, and again with YoursTruly. This game is none other than Eternal Sonata. This game is one of “Namdai’s” (namco-bandai) best titles of the current gen. Its an RPG thats nowhere near as an epic storytelling as FF13, But it is a nice laid back kind of tale. Almost everyones name in the game has to do with music of some sort and In between chapters you get a small history lesson that somewhat relates to what is going on which is kind of cool if its your first time playing. This game is freakin beautiful to say the least! Even on a non-HD TV all the colors in the background pop to life and even the water looks sooo freakin good. Battles are engaging right from the start, They are action oriented which is the best type in my opinion. I think overall the story could have been fleshed out more than it was, but it was a satisfying experience from beginning to end. I couldn’t recommend this game enough if i tried. If you are a fan of any of the tales series this game is a must have, just buy it for the Ps3 though…there more content to be had on that adventure.


Dynasty Warriors 7.jpgD – This is a very tough decision for me. Of all of the great games that are out on this current gen, to narrow it down to just one favorite is a daunting task lol. I think that my ultimate favorite would have to be Dynasty Warriors 7. I’m basing this on how much I really got into the game. I’m only saying this game because of a few reasons.

1) Though I am not the biggest gamer, I do enjoy a good game every now and then. This game has by far kept me occupied for hours on end with tales of good vs evil and how it is all a matter of perspective. A player can find themselves identifying with so many different characters.


2) Dragonball Z Tenkaichi 2 was last gen lmao


3) Zhao Yun can fight off an entire army while sliding down a waterfall with a baby strapped to his back…AND STILL PWNS ALL


Yup, this game pulled me from my PC long enough to have Lokita notice that I “play this all the time”, and for good reason. I am absolutely fascinated by the stories of the 3 kingdom period of China, and this game told the story so well that my 4 volume collection of Romance of the Three Kingdoms will still collect dust while waiting to be read. I mean…why read when a game is doing it for you? I joke, but seriously lol.
Hoped you enjoyed the first OJN discussion.  Let us know what you think.

~OJN Crew~

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