OJN Podcast Episode 20

This episode marks the return of the OJN podcast after a much needed break from recording. In this episode, we cover Sailor Moon Crystal, our move to Otaku Media Central, and the Dragonball Z Battle of the Gods theatrical release in the US.


Sailor Moon Crystal:

We are close to the premier of the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime series! Fans of the original series are excited and so are we here at OMC. Draco and Ranz weigh in on their thoughts on the upcoming series while enjoying light banter about the original.




Otaku Media Central:OMC_Logo

December of 2013 marked the beginning of a great initiative to move the OJN podcast to a new home. This idea gave birth to Otaku Media Central; a site to host our blog, podcast episodes, and other media that we produce. Currently at the time of this writing, we host the OJN podcast, R&L Trigger Podcast, and the OMC blog and articles. There is much more to come, so stay tuned!


botgDragonball Z: Battle of the Gods:

Funimation has announced the US theatrical release of Battle of the Gods! The movie will have a limited release and showing on August 5, 6, 7, and 9. If you wish to see this movie in theaters, check out dragonballz.com for the trailer and more information!




Dragonball Z Battle of the Gods Theatrical Release

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