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what games are you currently playing

Lokita – Recently I have been playing Call of Duty: Ghosts, Fallout New Vegas and MLB 14 The Show (Vita).

Ranzignus- I started the month off playing an older xbox 360 game Blue Dragon,but decided to put that on the backburner for Tales of Symphonia chronicles for Ps3.

Draco – I’m currently playing Pokemon Y and finishing up an old season in NBA 2K13. 2K is pretty good but I’m kind of sad that the servers are shut down for that game. Pokemon Y has been a pretty fun game to play. It really blows my mind at how much the game has evolved since Pokemon Blue.

What games would you recommend

L – All of you should know by now that I am a huge Fallout fan and will definitely recommend Fallout 3 and New Vegas.  Also, I would recommend Grand Theft Auto 5 for those that don’t mind ridiculous deaths and a funny storyline.  Others are The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, the Mass Effect series and the Uncharted series.

R- Recently I’ve played and finished Tales of Graces F for the Ps3 (see a trend here? lol). Any RPG fan would do well to take at least a look at this entry in the “Tales” series. It has a pretty even pacing throughout the game,and the story and characters are actually interesting! The battle system overall got a huge improvement as well, so First time “Tales” players as well as veterans should not pass this entry by.

D – Games that I would recommend? Hmm….well most of my games are a bit old. The bulk of my collection is for PS2. One game that I would recommend from the PS2 is Disgaea. It was an awesome game made by Atlas. The premise is that you are the main character that is trying to become the overlord of his realm. The game is a turn based strategy with unique battle and class systems.

what games are you looking forward to this year

L – WATCH DOGS!!!!!!!!! Since E3 2012 when Ubisoft gave us a small taste of it, I have been wanting to get this game on my PS3.  I love open world games where I can choose whether to be a good person or a complete bad ass.  Controlling a hacker who can gain control of an entire city with just a phone just sounds awesome.  For those who haven’t seen any trailers, you have to go check one out.  May 27th come on.

Another game that I am looking forward to is Destiny.  Bungie has been also teasing the masses with trailers and pictures of this beautiful looking game.  I love what Bungie did with Halo and now seeing them make such a massive game that is multi platform is exciting.  Looking forward to more information about the game and then its release on September 9th.

R – The one and only Nintendo system seller…SUPER SMASH BROTHERS. Even though I do not have a Wii-U yet, my body is so ready for the 3Ds release. I cant even ignore the reveal of another pokemon game set to come out in November. An honorable mention goes to Tomodachi Life’s American release next month. I think my 3Ds will have plenty of time being in my hands for the rest of the year.

D – I think that the games that I am looking forward to the most are Super Smash Brothers and Watch Dogs. I haven’t really been paying much attention to other upcoming titles.

what games have you recently played

L- On my Vita, I have been playing MLB 14 The Show.  For those who don’t know, I am a huge Yankees fan and that’s the team I usually go with.  On my phone, I have been playing the Injustice mobile card game which is actually pretty fun because there are updates for the game that keep people playing.

R – Can’t really say I’ve played anything new on my 3Ds as of lately, but I will say that the New Kirby game, and New Yoshi’s Island 3d look like two games that I need to have in my life

D – Pokemon Y! I just recently got back into handheld games and this game has not disappointed me so far.

what features

D – A real life version of the Nerve Gear from Sword Art Online. >_>

R – I know its how companies make their money and all,but I would love to see cross platform online play. Its a pipe dream but you never know.

L- Better online servers and filtering.  Call of Duty is one of those games that is notorious for having hackers ruin the online experience.

do you play online

L- I do play online games every so often.  Most recently it has been CoD: Ghosts but I also will be playing Grand Theft Auto Online since the new update is now live.

D – Not at all besides the occasional GTA Online session with Lokita. I have never been a huge fan of online gaming.

R – I guess this is where I come in then. I’m always looking for a new MMO to play. So far I can’t say that I’ve found anything I would be addicted to as much as Latale. I did start playing Eden Eternal at the request of Loli-Chan but I haven’t done much with it really. Personally I really like online gaming and the community (sometimes) that comes with it.

challenging game

L- One of the last games I played that was kind of challenging would be The Last of Us.  As much as I loved the game, those damn clickers would piss me off so bad at certain points where I need to sneak to get from one area to the next and one ends up hearing me and getting that nice chunk of meat from my neck.  I am pretty sure that was Naughty Dog’s plan, for those clickers to be the biggest pain in the ass.  Love the game, F those damn clickers.

D – I’m probably more of a casual gamer at the moment. I just wanna get into a game, ef ish up, and call it a night. That being said, most of the stuff that I play is usually kind of general and less challenging.

R – For what its worth I agree wholeheartedly with Lokita, I hate clickers. I guess for me though one of the harder games I played recently was Halo reach. Like you really can’t just run-and-gun like Master Chief. The character that you are playing as cannot take nearly the same amount of damage and the A.I. in the game is pretty damn smart…for a halo game anyway. I’m so used to running up and killing everything but this game makes it so that you need to play smart.

what are you looking forward to in e3

L – I only know of a few games that will definitely be talked about at E3.  Destiny, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Comet….

D – I unfortunately haven’t been keeping up with the gaming world. Sad…I know.

R – I hope Game freak and Nintendo stop being so cryptic about the new pokemon release, I want some gameplay video!

what would you want to see at e3

L – Fallout 4, Mass Effect 4, Uncharted 4, hopefully a better lineup of games for the Vita.  Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Far Cry 4.  I am also wondering how they are going to keep PS3 alive.

D – The Nerve gear and Sword art online….>_>. Ok! I know that I should take this a bit more seriously. Honestly, I would love to see something game changing.

R – Well for Draco’s sake I hope the add something cool to the Oculus rift just for him,lol. I personally want more news on what Sony is going to release this year. Jak and daxter, Parapa, and The legend of dragoon need some time in the sunlight. OH and a release window for KH3/FF15.

Thanks for reading, feel free to answer the questions below in the comments section.

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