~The secret to having all the mana~

Secret of Mana…Otherwise known as Seiken Densetsu 2(legend of the sacred sword 2),is an action role-playing game for SNES. I’ll put the disclaimer right here,I FREAKIN LOVE THIS GAME! So if I sound alittle bias then I apologize.

This game was from the early days of Squaresoft(Squarenix as we know them now),and one of the many games of the time to use the Mode-6 graphic engine. Secret of Mana was pre-dated by the game “Final Fantasy Adventure” here in the states, which not many people knew about or even played for that matter. My first experience with this game was back when rental stores still existed, I pretty much saw it on the shelf and thought about how I have never seen this box art before and gave it a try. Immediately i was taken back by the impressive colors of everything, and the way the character I controlled interacted with the environment enemies and so on (even though i was a child at the time) Given that this is an older title in the SNES lineup I’m still impressed by how well it holds up now.

The Combat is pretty simplistic…yet it still feels very satisfying when you kill something. Your party consists of three combatants; The main character who is your physical fighter and learns no magic. A girl who uses the support magic of the team. finally you have a sprite child who adds the attack magic to the group. Similar to “Illusion of Gaia” you fight on the same overworld map that you traverse on,without waiting for a battle sequence to happen. There are a multitude of weapons to collect and to power up, ranging from the sword at the beginning to a throwing javelin. As these weapons gain levels you can charge up to attack in different fashions and strength. Just like the weapons is how the magic functions, the more you use them the better and stronger they get.

The story is pretty general really. Kid grabs sword, finds out its more than he bargained for, now accompanied by his two new friends they need to save a bunch of people and stuff. Its more entertaining than it sounds but honestly I was not in it for the story.

Overall this game is a great edition to any gamer’s library,and its worth some coin if you can find it in really good condition! There are other game in the series too and i do recommend checking them out as well. This game has really aged well in terms of game mechanics, presentation and even graphically. If action RPGs are something that you really enjoy,or you just need something to tide you over from time to time then go ahead and give this one a spin.


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