Montenegro Review: The Wolf Among Us Episode 2

the wolf among us episode 2
A Telltale Games series, “The Wolf Among Us” continues the search of the Fable killer in episode 2 “Smoke and Mirrors”.  Bigby Wolf has the deal with a second dead Fable as well as follow new leads.  Also decisions in the first episode do blossom in this episode.  Will you allow Bigby to keep his cool or allow him to continue to be that big bad wolf all the Fables know him by? WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD

The Wolf Among Us - Episode 2

As you may remember, the first episode ended when Bigby made a grim discovery, finding a second dead Fable’s head.  A very beloved Fable.  He is being interrogated by Mundy police and that quickly ends in the hands of Ichabod Crane using a spell over the Mundies to forget the last 24 hours.  Crane takes Bigby back to interrogate who you chose to arrest towards the end of episode one (Tweedledee or The Woodsman).    You will be in the room with Bluebeard and depending on your decisions Bluebeard and Crane will either be fine or disgusted with your decisions (one’s reaction will be the opposite of the other).  As the interrogation gets deep, Snow White walks in and surprises everyone that she is alive and in one piece.

lily episode 2

The dead Fable had used a glamour to look like Snow White.  You find out that TJ discovered the body and you also have time to examine the body as well.  Eventually the true identity of the Fable is known as the glamour wears off.  The Fable is Lily, the sister of Holly that works at Trip Trap.  You travel to the bar to break the news to Holly, you can chose whatever way you would like to tell her.  Eventually you find more information about Lily and where she worked at.

bigby and georgie episode 2

You travel to a beat up strip club known as the Pudding and Pie to talk to a cocky bastard named Georgie.  He is teaching another Fable how to work the pole.  You can use intimidating or destructive methods to get information out of him, either way you discover a hole in the ground which holds a book that has vital information to your case.  You can chose to examine Lily’s locker and you will find Faith’s locker near hers.  You talk to the Fable who was working the pole while you were there.  All the information you gathered leads you to a run down place that is called the Open Arms Hotel where Lily and a client had rented a room.  While there you bump into Beauty and find out she has been working the front desk.  She guides you to the room that you rented even though you need to examine another room she tells you she can’t open it.  As you talk to her, Beast discovers the two of you and assume that the two of you are together and there is an intense fight that breaks out.  The fight ends up breaking through the door of the room you need to examine.

bloody room episode 2

As you examine the room, you see a bloody bed as well as props that resemble items from the Mundy version of Snow White (The version we read in school).  You find many clues that lead you to believe this is where Lily died and the Fable who was with her is obsessed with Snow White.  Then you make a grand discovery of who was in the room with Lily and that Fable at the end of the episode flees out of the town.

lokita seal of approval episode 2

I do enjoy playing The Wolf Among Us as I am curious on how the story will move forward.  My main gripe about this episode however is that even though there are two major shocks during it, it wasn’t as strong as the first episode.   With the first episode there was more action, I felt the decisions weighed more as well as each response you gave, you weren’t sure whether it would always be good or bad until Bigby talks.  This episode depended a lot more on voice acting and every decision you made was very clear cut on whether or not Bigby will be a good guy or a total douche bag.   Either way I am excited about the third episode and hoping for more intensity.

If you played this episode, let me know what you think below.  I leave you with my decisions from my first play through.

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