Montenegro Review: The Wolf Among Us Episode 3

episode 3

Episode 3 of The Wolf Among Us is finally here.  A Crooked Mile has a very determined Bigby following up a serious lead on who he may think is the killer.  Bad thing is, Bigby isn’t the only one looking for this guy and is even threatened to end his search.  This episode is suspenseful and has its share of extremely intense moments.  Also you get to see Bigby in all his glory as he turns into the Big Bad Wolf.  Does Bigby get the killer?  WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD

episode 3 funeral

Bigby Wolf is following a lead after a discovery in the Open Arms Hotel where he discovered where Lily was killed.  Bigby’s search is pretty simple, he must find Ichabod Crane after finding a picture of him with his hand up Lily’s dress as she was glamoured as Snow White.   The search for his main suspect in the Fable murders leads Bigby to search for Snow White at the funeral for Lily.  You can choose to be respectful or not as Snow delivers her eulogy, regardless you get a chance to speak to her about Crane.   Lily has a few choice words for Bigby and ask you decide to give Lily some time, Tweedledee and Tweedledum stops by.  The Tweedles tries to set up a deal with Bigby to stop looking for Crane because they have business with Crane.  Emotions flare with Holly and Gren and they turn into their Fable forms to go after the Tweedles, Bigby tries to stop the Tweedles from hurting Holly and Gren but regardless, some of the Fables, including Bigby suffer shotgun wounds.

episode 3 bigby patched up

Bigby is treated by Dr. Swineheart and left with a warning, just because Fables don’t easily die doesn’t mean they can’t, Bigby needs to keep it easy.  Bigby is still on a one track mind, find Crane and also, what do the Tweedles need with Crane?  The Magic Mirror is broken due to Crane destroying it and its found out that it is unusable due to a missing piece.  Snow and Bigby search Crane’s desk to find clues.  Crane is supposed to meet the Witch that makes Black Market glamours around 2am and he’s looking for a ring.  Bluebeard comes in and demands to help with the investigation.  Three places need to be investigated; Trip Trap Bar, The Tweedles Place, and Crane’s Apartment.  This part of the episode is crucial, you are only able to investigate two places.  Bluebeard will investigate either Crane’s place or the Tweedles depending on your decision.  (I strongly suggest to play a second time to see people or clues that you may have missed during the first play through)

episode 3 greenleaf

During your investigation, you find out that Crane owes money to the Crooked Man and that the Tweedles are affiliated somehow with him.  Also you find the whereabouts of the witch who is known as Aunty Greanleaf.  Bigby and Snow make it to the apartment after 2am and a little girl opens the door.  Bigby does some investigation throughout the apartment as the little girl claims that Aunty Greenleaf isn’t there and that she will get in trouble.  Bigby finds a glamour trinket and opens it which reveals that the little girl is just a glamour and she is really Aunty Greenleaf.  After some threats and actions, Aunty Greenleaf tells Bigby and Snow that she gave Crane a ring that has no power (the ring makes people tell the truth) and that he is at Pudding and Pie.

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At the Pudding and Pie you see Crane trying to make two of the prostitutes tell the truth about Lily’s murder.  Bigby intervenes and proves that the ring doesn’t work and just to give it up.  Crane claims his innocence and Snow believes him.  You can choose to be rough with Crane or just apprehend him for his arrest.  Crane is ultimately arrested for embezzlement of funds, not for murder.  Bigby and Snow walk Crane out and while they are outside, their path gets blocked by a car.  As they try to go another way, they are blocked again by cars.  Then the Tweedles as well as a woman called Bloody Mary (say that three times in the mirror) comes into the alley.  All they want is Crane since he owes debt to the Crooked Man, Bigby and Snow refuse.  The Tweedles shoot Bigby several times, everytime they stop, Bigby gets up, slowly changing into his Fable form until he completely transforms.  Then he disarms both Tweedles (there is an interesting decision here that you can decide).  Bloody Mary shoots Bigby with a silver bullet and proceeds into trying to decapitate him.  Snow gives up Crane for Bigby’s life.

bigby big bad wolf episode 3

The Wolf Among Us “A Crooked Mile”  left me at the end of my seat with suspense and action with good dialogue.  Which is a big change from Episode 2 which was very mellow.  The decisions you make are pretty drastic and more or less have a very clear cut way of showing either the good side of Bigby or the Bigby everyone knows and hates.   Seeing Bigby transform into his wolf form was cool and he kind of looks like Beast from X-Men more than an actual wolf but that’s just my opinion.   This by far is my favorite episode and I cannot wait till the 4th one comes out.   My only gripe is wondering what they are going to do with Prince Lawrence, if you was able to save him in the 1st episode, he makes a brief appearance in this episode during the funeral.  He just kinda exists but I digress.  This episode by far is my favorite and I cannot wait till Telltale releases the next one.  Now I leave you with my choices from my first play through.  Let me know what you think of this episode in the comments below.

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