Montenegro Review: Watch Dogs


How far would you go to find out who was the person who put a hit out on you that caused the death of a loved one?  In Watch Dogs you play as Aiden Pearce, a Grey Hat Hacker, fixer and Vigilante who goes out of his way to find out who was the cause for his niece Lena Pearce’s death.  With Chicago’s CTOS system and Aiden’s trusty phone, he has access to everything in the palm of his hands.  With all this information he realizes that there are alot of parties involved and must get through many situations to find out the truth. WARNING: LIMITED SPOILERS


Watch Dogs storyline will take you around 8 hours to complete if you just want to complete the game without venturing off.  The emotional aspect of Lena’s death and the initial meeting of a person involved will drag you into the campaign.  The different action sequences that come hand to hand with the information that leads you to who is involved will keep you in.  The side missions will keep you playing for hours and hours, from fixer contracts to privacy invasions to human trafficking.  As you complete your missions, you gain skill points that can go towards hacking, driving and combat skills that will help further Aiden Pearce’s abilities while trying to complete the game.  Also there are online activities that you can become involved in if you choose.  You can hack and tail someone while in game, you can also participate in online racing as well.  Just remember that as easily you can jump into someone’s game and try to hack them, they can easily do the same to you.  Also there are quite a few easter eggs that you may discover if you have played other Ubisoft games.

watch-dogs finale

If you are looking for an open world gaming experience that brings something new to the table, then you should probably pick up a copy of Watch Dogs.  The storyline was great, to me it was a little short though.  Side missions will make up for that time if you do them in between campaign missions.  My biggest issue with this game is the driving, it just didn’t seem as smooth as other open world games that require you to drive (i.e. GTA V).  This made it difficult for transporter fixer missions but you can eventually conquer the driving in due time.  This game does get the “Lokita Seal Of Approval” because it is something fresh in gaming.

If you picked up the copy of the game, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Ms. Montenegro.

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